an app. a platform. the solution.

Call us what you want, Useful is everything you, your office

and your crew actually need, no fluff.


The little things like better office-to-field communication, quickly pairing photos of work completed with the proper jobs, and geo-stamped timekeeping—we made those for you. 



And we left no position unturned. Useful is made for your estimator, dispatcher, accountant, front line crew and supervisors—the whole team. Even you.


Every time we watch someone use the app for the first time and just get it, we can’t help but grin.



It’s your usual workflow—your day-to-day activities and forms—all inside an app. We’ve worked with the pros to make sure ours is the right tool for the job. 


We have big plans. Our app is only the beginning of what we’re building for the industry. We can’t say much more than that right now, but you’ll want to be within earshot when we do. Trust us. 



We made our app to be versatile. Useful can flex down or up as needed, from the simplicity of time tracking to doing the work of a full-fledged CRM or ERP—use what you need, no fluff.